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abbeyfajimolu I am not one to leave reviews on any product, I typically come online, read the reviews and make my judgment call whether to invest or not invest in that product. With that being said, I am not sure whether it is the sweet sweat or the McDavid waist trimmer that has made a huge difference in my stomach area, but all I know is that with the combination of both products, I am starting to see significant changes in my mid section. I work out 5 days a week and had hit a plateau, I stopped seeing changes in my mid section and desperately seeked to make the love handles disappear. Somehow, I stumbled on these products and it has been two weeks since I've started using them and I am starting to see a significant change. I will continue to use them and would recommend to anyone second-guessing whether to buy this product to go for it, in addition to the belt.

pinkpusseakat This product is awesome. I thought the product was a bunch of bull. I purchased 2 and within 2 weeks I lost at least 6 inches off my waist and about 2 from underneath my belly. I was really amazed. I topped that off with a belly belt and I now see more improvements along with my cardio workouts and my weight training. This product is not going to make you lose weight or inches you have to work out regularly to see effective results. The product really works, just nasty and slimy, but overall after 10 minutes you feel the hotness and you feel the sweating and it feels like it opens up all circulation and I can utlize the ellipitcal for 95 minutes without my body being tired. I apply the product to my thighs, knees, calves, stomach, waist, shoulders, and waist. It really works. YAY.

pjones071 Before I begin my workout, I use Sweet Sweat on the areas that I usually don't sweat much from. (i.e., arms, stomach, inner thighs). After a workout the sweat is rolling down my legs uncontrollably. This is a great product. Well worth the money!!!!

offinahandbasket Before I begin my workout, I use Sweet Sweat on the areas that I usually don't sweat much from. (i.e., arms, stomach, inner thighs). After a workout the sweat is rolling down my legs uncontrollably. This is a great product. Well worth the money!!!!

kanembhard Ok I've been hearing about this product for quit some time now. I was skeptical at first, I mean just put it on and go, plus its cheap??? Just sounds like one of those cheap gimmick products that are in mass production. So I said what the heck, lets just try it and see how it goes. First of all I was surprised that it was a bit hard tracking down a store that had it. When I did manage to snag some I put it straight on when I got home and started my routine of running and weightlifting. Let me just say WOW this product shocked me. I began to sweat profusely while feeling loose and energized. They should really name this sauna cream. I looked like I just took a dip in the pool and best of all I still smelled pretty good lol. Can't wait to continue.

arod5852 Sweet Sweat is an amazing product, I use it on a daily basis when training. In the first 3 months of use, it helped me lose upwards of 30 lbs.


rll0012 I'm the type who doesn't sweat much during workouts and a little overweight. I used this the first day I got it after already eating breakfast and lunch. I sweated some and was happy with it. But the second day I put it on first thing in the morning and done my workout and and sweated profusely. I had applyed it to my upper arms, thighs, and love handles. But my entire body and face was sweating! I was amazed, and I will always use this on workouts from now on. I love this stuff. I lost a pound and a half in just two days of using it!

pvpedersen This product works great for my cellulite. I had lots of it on my thighs but sweet sweat help bring blood flow to that area that normally i didn't get. I almost lost all of it and im looking good!!

dodeybugdoug I have been using this product for almost 2 weeks now. I always put it on before I go to the gym. I followed the instructions correctly; NO topical creams or lotions on the area where you are going to apply sweet sweat. I didn't feel any heating sensation on my skin the first couple of times so I applied sweet sweat then I put saran wrap around the application areas; my thighs and upper arms. Now thats when I starting sweating! Yeah, its a bit complicated, but I do whatever it takes. Im not dissapointed with this product mostly because I only paid about 15 bucks for it, it does not smell bad, and its not greasy or messy. Hopefully I will see results in about 30 more days because Its to soon to tell right now.

michael.olivella I use this while I am doing hard cardio. Excellent at helping me sweat. I normally would burn a 2-3 pounds a week doing heavy cardio. With this I burned a solid 4 pounds and reduced my body fat percentage by 1.2% in the first week. If you have difficulty getting a good sweat, I highly recommend. Just stay hydrated.


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Sports Research- Sweet Sweat Workout…

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